Want Prospects and Clients to see You and Your People as a Trusted Advisors or Salespeople?

Want the Credibility and Influence of a Trusted Advisor or a Salesperson?

Want to Gain Trusted Advisor status in your first Meeting?

Professionals who depend on trusted relationships for new clients and referrals, know you can lose trusted advisor status in an instant, but they also think it takes a long time to earn that status. That’s just not true!  Proving yourself and delivering on your commitments is one way to do it, but it’s by far the longest and riskiest path.

The reality is that the psychological and behavioral dynamics behind quickly losing trust are the same as gaining it.

You just have to understand them and properly leverage them, which is exactly what the world’s top rainmakers do and what the NonSelling methodologies are based upon.  You can develop the credibility, trust, and influence of a trusted advisor in your first meeting. The extreme performers understand the psychology of immediately becoming a trusted advisor, and from that position, they have tremendous influence with their prospects and clients. This is how you multiply your close ratios and referral rates.

NonSelling is a behavioral science based methodology focused on leveraging the psychological impact of key trusted advisor behavior patterns that are the opposite of the most common sales behaviors, like asking questions, presenting features and benefits, and attempting to overcome objections, which are the foundation of all sales approaches.  Ironically, these behaviors actually create DISTRUST from a psychological and behavioral perspective, which is exactly the opposite reaction that salespeople want!

Most business development people intuitively know there is something wrong with the sales approach they’ve been taught, so they attempt to “soft sell”, but unfortunately, that leads to “soft results”.  The answer is not found in softening the approach, but replacing it with something completely different.  Incremental improvements result from tweaking a system, but multiples of improvement can only come from completely replacing the system with a better model.

With NonSelling, there is no hype and no rah, rah—just the real art and science behind quickly building Trust and Influence. If you are satisfied with your current level of performance, the number of referrals you’re getting, or are looking for a few new tips and tricks to add to your current sales behavior, this methodology is not for you.

On the other hand, if you have aspirations to achieve dramatically greater performance, are willing to invest in yourself, or deep inside you feel there’s got to be a better way, learn more about NonSelling. Make your sales and business development life easier and more productive, and get the respect you deserve.

To help you get a better understanding of the NonSelling methodology, access the complimentary video training series.

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