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Vendor to Trusted Advisor in your First Meeting

Is having your client see you as a trusted advisor a critical advantage? Most people agree that earning the status of Trusted Advisor in the eyes of your client takes time, but you can lose it almost instantly with the wrong behavior! The reality is that the underlying dynamics of quickly losing trusted advisor status… View Article

How to Build a Referral Machine

Networking should be your Fastest Path to Revenue. Just because most sales and business development professionals use networking, or referral marketing, as their primary source of new prospects, doesn’t make it an efficient or effective use of time. If you analyze your network, you’ll probably see that 95% of your contacts have done nothing for… View Article

Three Common Sales Behaviors that Create DISTRUST

As we explored in other articles (Click Here: Vendor to Trusted Advisor in your First Meeting), you earn the position of Trusted Advisor when another feels you’re not holding your own self-interest above theirs. Unfortunately, earning this is not as common, or as easy, as one might hope. The human survival instinct drives us to… View Article

Your Prospects’ Anti-Sales Defense System

Understand How They Control the Sales Process and How you can Neutralize It When sales and business development professionals meet a new prospective customer, they immediately want to be seen as trusted advisors and not as salespeople. They want the respect, credibility, and influence that comes with being viewed as a trusted advisor, and not… View Article

The Only People You Really Need in Your Network

Sales training is all the same. It teaches people to act like salespeople. Do you want your prospects and clients to see your team as salespeople or as trusted advisors? Train your business development team to have the trust and influence of a trusted advisor. Be who your prospects really wished walked through their door.

Help your Network See more Opportunities to Refer You

Right now, as always, 3%-4% of your referral network is aware of an opportunity that’s perfect for you, but you’re not going to hear about it. In our article, Networking can be your Fastest Path to Revenue, we explained the 4 obstacles that are keeping your referral partners from referring you as much as they… View Article

Why All Sales Training is Bad for You

Sales training companies all say they’re different, but they’re all doing the same thing—They’re teaching you and your people to act like salespeople. Do you think that’s who your clients really want to put their trust in? Our prospects see more salespeople than we see prospects, and “selling” is a very familiar behavior pattern to… View Article

Open More Doors using a Trojan Horse

Your network of contacts and clients will gladly refer you if someone asks them for a referral to someone who does what you do. Of course, they want to be helpful to others in need, and if it helps you too, then all the better. The problem is that they’re not asked for someone like… View Article

Why you Don’t Get the Customer Referrals you Should

Most companies think that doing good work is what gets referrals from their clients and customers. Yet they say they do good work, but don’t get many referrals. Even when their high customer satisfaction ratings are validated by surveys like Net Promoter Score (NPS), they don’t get the referrals they should. What’s the real underlying… View Article

What you “Do and what you “Sell” are Never the Same Thing

So, what are you selling? I’m reminded daily that a key element of the human condition is profoundly illustrated by the statement, “Well, enough about me, How about you—What do you think of me?” No matter what we want to think, the most interesting thing to anyone is themselves and their lives, so why try… View Article

How Decision Makers Pick the Winner

It’s Completely Different from How They Pick the Finalists How your prospects decide who makes it to the short list, and how they choose who eventually wins the business, is completely different. Are your strategies for each stage completely different? Your prospect decision makers go through three stages of decision making that you are probably… View Article
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