Here is what you can expect to receive in Nonselling programs


Program One

Trust & Influence

$1495.00 Enroll Now

  • Top 1% Learn from the Sales Elite

    This is the foundation for all NonSelling programs. This program reveals the methodology of the sales elite, performers in the top 1% of their industry. Learn the principles and science behind how the sales elite consistently gain trusted advisor status and influence in a single meeting, and retain it throughout the sales cycle and beyond.

  • Rethink everything you know about sales

    The sales elite make people want to buy, and to want to buy from them, yet they make no apparent attempt to sell. In fact, their behavior is the opposite of most salespeople have been taught all their lives. The methodology revealed in this program will make you question everything you’ve been taught about selling, and show you very different behaviors that will help you create the trust and influence necessary to not only increase your performance, but multiply it.

  • 10 Modules included in this program

    This program consists of 10 video training modules, approximately one-hour in length. The principles taught, and the examples and instructions on how to apply them to your world are all your need to start your journey to becoming one of the sales elite.

Program Two (pre-requisite Program Number 1)

Building a Referral Machine

$495.00 Enroll Now

  • Increase referrals 5-10 times that of conventional networking

    This program is a supplement to the Trust & Influence program and assumes many of the principles from that methodology. The Building a Referral Machine methodology is to Networking what Trust & Influence is to Sales and Business Development. Networking takes a lot of time and energy for the return it offers. The results take too long and are often too random. Building a Referral Machine is a methodology that quickly and systematically multiplies the size and effectiveness of your network to increase your rate of introductions and referrals as much as 5-10 times that of conventional networking activities.

  • 6 modules included in this program

    This program consists of 6 video training modules. You will learn all the principles of the Referral Machine methodology, along with sample scripts and templates to make it your own.