NonSelling methodologies were developed from study of the top 1% of business development performers. They are recognized and rewarded, but ironically, set aside as statistical outliers. They’re rarely studied as the model, because their performance is thought to be a result of unique circumstances that cannot be systematically replicated.  But in most cases their performance is consistent and repeatable, and they all seem to engage in a similar, but unconventional sales behavior. In fact, it’s best described as the opposite of sales behavior.

The common denominator with these extreme performers is that they refuse to buy into the sales training they were taught, and knew there had to be a better way.  They also didn’t meet the stereotypical personality profile of the glad-handing, back-slapping, entertaining, and gregarious salesperson.  Although they feel their unique behaviors are easy to perform and make selling far easier and more pleasant, they also find it difficult to explain to others.

After twenty years of learning how to document and successfully teach this unconventional behavior internally to large corporate sales forces, NonSelling was founded to share this knowledge online with all professionals who are determined to excel and to bring them much greater success with less effort, stress, and angst.

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